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Elementor #793

Nearly halfway there

26th August 2021

I seem to be managing to write on this blog once a month, which is pretty good considering. 

I wrote my last post just before I was due to give a remote channelled reading. What an amazing experience that was! I have a relatively new guide whose energy is very different from my last one (who is still around if I need to call on him). I found connecting and understanding my new guide something of a challenge but a wise friend provided some valuable insights and advice and that was all I needed to be up and running with Shaman. Thank you SK. 

The reading was so easy to do, despite a blip with my internet connection at the beginning. I trust it provided Mary Ann with the guidance she needed for the next part of her path. Whilst I can’t remember most of what was said  – that’s often the way with channelling – and even if I could, I wouldn’t impart the content here which was confidential. Suffice it to say, she is a highly connected soul who has so many possibilities ahead of her. 

So, what about my mundane, everyday life? Another chemo session with all the physical challenges that brings. However, I am adapting and learning all the time and coping better. I had pretty much given up on walking since chemo started. Before the treatment, I would walk our dog for four miles each morning but I can’t do that now. However, I gave up almost entirely, thinking I just didn’t have the energy. No a good move. I realised how important walking was when we went for another hospital appointment and had to walk from the shopping centre car park to the hospital, and back afterwards. Not far, but I realised how much better I felt. Lightbulb moment! Now I am walking in the afternoons every day and it’s amazing how much better I feel. I should have remembered how good this was from the first time I had chemo. I walked our dog (a different one then) every morning and conked out in bed afterwards! But it really helped my general physical well being. Lesson learned!

My daughter came to stay for a week. She lives in the North and we hadn’t seen her for more than a year so that was a joy. She cooked two wonderful meals for us and was a great support. 

I continue to meditate every morning with the wonderful group I am a part of. I connect with my soul and the light every evening and morning (unless I am really tired and forget). When I am walking, it is so nourishing to draw in the energy of nature around me, and return the gesture by radiating light out to all the elementals. Always a joy to walk with them and feel their company.

I remain deeply grateful to my husband, family and friends who are all so supportive. The former is amazing, even when I am grumpy after chemo. It’s a challenge and I’m always being sent lessons to learn, especially about dealing with my personality. Overcoming the limitations of said personality and trying to live a soul-infused life is a continuous challenge. I do believe, however, that I am sent challenges that will only help me grow and learn. Onwards and upwards!

Chemo is next week: the last of the first four cycles of one type. Then onto four cycles of another. Halfway through!