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Why Meditate?

If you want to find some space and time for yourself, away from the demands and concerns of day to day living (and world issues), then meditation is the answer. Its benefits are well known for de-stressing, relaxing and generally helping you to feel more in control and happier in yourself.

Meditation with Spirituelle

There are many forms of meditation. My teaching offers an understanding of yourself as spirit as you are taken on a gentle and easy journey within, using light and visualisation to strengthen and develop your energy. You will find meditation surprisingly easy and very rewarding, whether you’ve meditated before or are new to it.

Meditation is the best way to connect with your soul and enables you to use that connection to find your path in life. 


Personalised Meditation Recording

A recorded meditation that you can use at home at your own convenience. This option can be for adults or children and will be tailor made for your needs. £60 per recording.


During times of uncertainty and fear, it is so important to manage your energy and stay clear and in the light as much as you can. I have recorded a 20 minute meditation to Create your Bubble of Light which offers you ‘me time’ to bring in light, relax and strengthen your energy.   Do let me know what you think of it and if it has helped you.

Meditation During Pregnancy

If you want to create time to connect deeply with your unborn child, then meditation is the answer. A specifically tailored meditation to enable you to make a spiritual connection with your baby and prepare yourself for the birth. £60 per recording.



Eleanor “makes me feel warm and welcome in a calm and inviting atmosphere. She takes me on such an enlightening journey that I always come away from our sessions feeling relaxed and with a sense
of clarity and ease.”    

“Having had a one-to-one channelling session with Eleanor, I have used my personalised meditation on a daily basis hundreds of times since to relax and de-stress. It has been particularly useful during this past very difficult year. Highly recommend!”  Barbara