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Looking ahead…

24th July 2022

After I finished radiotherapy, in my mind I was out and clear and ready to resume my life again, which I did, but I definitely took on too much. As a result, I had a bit of a setback, getting struck down with tonsillitis and needing antibiotics which thank goodness sorted it out but I felt washed out afterwards. So, I’ve been taking it easy and working my way back into things a bit more slowly. I’ve had some wonderful week breaks with my better half (in the Peak District in March) and two of my sisters (in Cornwall in April) which were so relaxing. I’ve been able to increase what I’m doing on the volunteering front and walking our dog every other day is working as I can feel my stamina building up.

So, what of the spiritual side? I continue to work with a small group of us who meditate every day and we join in as and when our diaries permit. This is so helpful in keeping the practice of meditation going and building my skills. I have a routine each morning and evening, to clear my energy (sending away any energy that is not mine and calling back my own energy to me), link in with my soul and draw in as much light as I can. That light can be directed to my day ahead.

I’m now looking to offer an Opening to Channel Course in early October if a suitable venue can be found. I tend to offer a Friday and Saturday because it helps those who work in particular to integrate the energies on the Sunday before getting back to their day to day routine. Learning to channel can be challenging but so rewarding, and time to rest afterwards is important.

I’m also thinking about how I could offer a follow-on course for those who have learned how to open to channel.  It would show students how to communicate with other energies such as crystals and animals, channelling those as well as developing their skills in channelling their guide for other people.

Meanwhile, I have been providing channelled readings myself to clients and that is always a joy.

So, lots to do and people on my mailing list I need to contact to update them on the plans ahead. Have a good summer, readers! We are in the midst of challenging times so avoid getting caught up in fear and any negative emotions swirling around by staying in the light. Draw it in and expand your energy as much as you can.

Love and light

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