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Meeting your spirit guide

10th April 2021

I really didn’t know what to expect at the course. It was all so strange and new – I hadn’t really meditated before and the course was all meditation based. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it. But of course, quite simply, I wouldn’t have found Lita and her course if I wasn’t meant to be there. Part of me was trusting the process, but my personality, my mind, was wondering what on earth this was! Doubts are an inevitable part of opening to channel but the course is designed to enable students to make a strong connection with their highest guide (more on that later) and then to be able to hold the connection so that they can verbally channel. To achieve that in two days is an amazing feeling. 

So, I met my first guide – they have changed over the years – who was called Elijah. Not everyone receives a name. That’s really for our benefit as they are energy beings rather than humans who need names! Names, depending on what they are, can give us a sense of a gender but guides, obviously do not actually have a gender. Experiencing the polarity of gender is something that is unique to the earth plane. 

Those of us on the course (and from memory there were a lot of us, maybe more than 20) paired up to do exercises in channelling for others – where the person channelling would connect with their guide and answer questions asked by the partner who was not channelling. Or channel for ourselves – where the person channelling would note what questions they wanted to ask their own guide, then connect and their partner would ask those questions. When you don’t know the person you’re channelling for, but answers come, it is a great feeling that this is actually happening, it’s real. 

At the start of the second day, Lita channelled her own guide, Ortan, and the students could ask general (rather than personal) questions. To see an accomplished channel do what we were all aspiring to, was inspiring. 

It was an exhausting two days but knowing at the end that I had connected strongly with my guide and that I could actually verbally channel was special. That was in the 1990s and I have been channelling ever since. Having that support for so many years has strengthened me and, when I channel for others, it has been a source of strength for others. 

More on guides to come…