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New Website – Time to Blog

9th March 2021

So, here I am, an absolute beginner when it comes to blogging but I don’t often have a problem chatting so here goes and thanks for reading…
I am absolutely delighted with my new website, which has been designed by my neighbour Caron Chung of BizBuzzBox. The background is a spirit guide portrait I commissioned a year or so ago and I love the colours. The blue images on the courses page come from a painting I commissioned from a friend, so the whole website holds some energies close to my heart. 
This website replaces an old one I had that was produced by another friend on Google sites, in return for a channelling session. I needed a website at the time and he offered. It was a perfect example of an exchange of energy at a time when we both needed something the other could offer. That first website drew in many clients so I am very grateful to him for setting me off on my path. However, Google sites has recently become too ‘clunky’ and it was time for something fresh and new. 
Now the new website is up and running, my first task will be to ‘set the energies’ (it’s all about energy!) to enable it to draw in those whom I can help. Working on a high energetic level is always far more productive and efficient than working on a lower, personality level. You can achieve so much more. 
I am really looking forward to moving my spiritual business forward. New website, new era!
Spirituelle - Eleanor