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What is a spirit guide?

9th May 2021

Spirit guides are non-physical beings that are there to support you if you wish to connect with them. They may or may not have experienced incarnation on the earth plane as a human. Lita’s guide Ortan, for example, had never been incarnated and found human energy incredibly dense! My guide Shaman has been incarnated as a human 17 times. 

I’ve mentioned earlier that you will connect with your ‘highest guide’ on my course to open to channel. That is very important. I spend time setting the energies for my courses, creating a protected space with the help of my guides and Archangel Michael. This ensures that students are accessing their highest guide, there to help them but never control or coerce. True spirit guides will never try to tell you what to do – unless you ask them directly and even then they usually encourage you to make your own mind up by helping you think about the issues involved and come to your own conclusions. They will be working with you for your highest good, not for their own benefit. Opening to channel and meeting your highest guide in a protected space, protects you from connecting with an entity that is of a lower energy that might not be beneficial to your spiritual growth and may even be harmful. 

The energy of guides is also immensely loving. They do not judge you and they are always ready and willing to support you. Once you have connected with your highest guide, they are there for as long as you need them and connecting is just a matter of practice.