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What is channelling?

24th March 2021

I stumbled across channelling as a concept, except it wasn’t really stumbling as, if you believe you’re following a spiritual path, you believe that nothing is by chance! I used to subscribe to ‘Kindred Spirit’ magazine and one of the ads was for a book about channelling. I had not idea what this was but it really caught my eye so I bought it and it sat around for a while, unread. I had young children at the time so it wasn’t a priority. I took this book with me on our summer holiday to Northern Spain – a beautiful cottage on the North Eastern coast of ‘Green Spain’ as they call it. A magical place. I started to read the book, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, and what it said really resonated with me. I had always believed I had some sort of support beyond the earth plane so the idea of a spirit guide really wasn’t too far-fetched. In fact, it all made sense to me. The book contained meditations to link up with your spirit guide so I gave this a go one evening sitting in the peaceful garden of the cottage. What I experienced was a revelation. I felt the presence of my guide. 

When I returned to England, family life took over again but it wasn’t long before I saw another ad, this time for The School of the Living Light, run by Lita de Alberdi and her husband Marco. Lita mentioned Sanaya and Duane as she had worked with them. Another serendipitous ‘chance’. It was advertising an ‘Opening to Channel Course’ – the one I now teach. I booked and went to the School, full of doubts and excitement. Would I be able to channel? Was it all imagination??

….next instalment to follow!