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Eleanor O'Connor

When life sends you lemons…

15th June 2021

I had intended using this blog to explain about Channelling and Spirit Guides and to celebrate the opportunity to set dates for courses after the long delay caused by the Covid Pandemic. However, the Universe has decided to throw in a different challenge to me which will delay any courses and test me a lot more than I ever expected!

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I went through chemo, surgery and radiotherapy and came out the other side, all clear. I took an holistic approach with juicing, oil pulling, foot patches, vitamins and meditation (of course), to name but a few! I had huge support from friends and family. I came out at the end a stronger person. 

I am due to stop taking Tamoxifen in August and was ready to celebrate ten years clear. I posted on Facebook, describing my experiences and, with the benefit of hindsight, rather tempting fate! What I didn’t realise was that the Universe had another surprise in store with the same challenges. I have been diagnosed with breast cancer again – different side, different type – once again, I was prompted to get myself checked out when I felt something wasn’t right.

I have mused over the past ten years whether I could manage to go through chemo again. It’s by far the worst treatment for cancer but my various holistic therapies helped me get through it with a lot less trouble than I was expecting. I have to grit my teeth and get on with it. I have received excellent care so far from High Wycombe Hospital – they have been outstanding. 

The Universe is giving me plenty of help. Once again, my family and friends have all shown me so much love and support. I am also part of a daily meditation group and they are holding me a healing space once a week. I can call on the light, my guides and all the beings of light who work with those of us on the earth plane to get me through this. 

A message I received loud and clear after one of our recent meditations was that I needed to use this blog to write about my experiences – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual – so this is the start of my journey. I hope anyone who reads this will find it helpful and/or informative. 

I have numerous tests in the next couple of weeks and I start chemo on the 30th, so if you are reading this, do send me positive energy. Never underestimate the power of thought and prayer (if that is how you like to describe it) in helping others. 

Love and light, Eleanor 

What is a spirit guide?

9th May 2021

Spirit guides are non-physical beings that are there to support you if you wish to connect with them. They may or may not have experienced incarnation on the earth plane as a human. Lita’s guide Ortan, for example, had never been incarnated and found human energy incredibly dense! My guide Shaman has been incarnated as a human 17 times. 

I’ve mentioned earlier that you will connect with your ‘highest guide’ on my course to open to channel. That is very important. I spend time setting the energies for my courses, creating a protected space with the help of my guides and Archangel Michael. This ensures that students are accessing their highest guide, there to help them but never control or coerce. True spirit guides will never try to tell you what to do – unless you ask them directly and even then they usually encourage you to make your own mind up by helping you think about the issues involved and come to your own conclusions. They will be working with you for your highest good, not for their own benefit. Opening to channel and meeting your highest guide in a protected space, protects you from connecting with an entity that is of a lower energy that might not be beneficial to your spiritual growth and may even be harmful. 

The energy of guides is also immensely loving. They do not judge you and they are always ready and willing to support you. Once you have connected with your highest guide, they are there for as long as you need them and connecting is just a matter of practice.  

Meeting your spirit guide

10th April 2021

I really didn’t know what to expect at the course. It was all so strange and new – I hadn’t really meditated before and the course was all meditation based. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do it. But of course, quite simply, I wouldn’t have found Lita and her course if I wasn’t meant to be there. Part of me was trusting the process, but my personality, my mind, was wondering what on earth this was! Doubts are an inevitable part of opening to channel but the course is designed to enable students to make a strong connection with their highest guide (more on that later) and then to be able to hold the connection so that they can verbally channel. To achieve that in two days is an amazing feeling. 

So, I met my first guide – they have changed over the years – who was called Elijah. Not everyone receives a name. That’s really for our benefit as they are energy beings rather than humans who need names! Names, depending on what they are, can give us a sense of a gender but guides, obviously do not actually have a gender. Experiencing the polarity of gender is something that is unique to the earth plane. 

Those of us on the course (and from memory there were a lot of us, maybe more than 20) paired up to do exercises in channelling for others – where the person channelling would connect with their guide and answer questions asked by the partner who was not channelling. Or channel for ourselves – where the person channelling would note what questions they wanted to ask their own guide, then connect and their partner would ask those questions. When you don’t know the person you’re channelling for, but answers come, it is a great feeling that this is actually happening, it’s real. 

At the start of the second day, Lita channelled her own guide, Ortan, and the students could ask general (rather than personal) questions. To see an accomplished channel do what we were all aspiring to, was inspiring. 

It was an exhausting two days but knowing at the end that I had connected strongly with my guide and that I could actually verbally channel was special. That was in the 1990s and I have been channelling ever since. Having that support for so many years has strengthened me and, when I channel for others, it has been a source of strength for others. 

More on guides to come…  

What is channelling?

24th March 2021

I stumbled across channelling as a concept, except it wasn’t really stumbling as, if you believe you’re following a spiritual path, you believe that nothing is by chance! I used to subscribe to ‘Kindred Spirit’ magazine and one of the ads was for a book about channelling. I had not idea what this was but it really caught my eye so I bought it and it sat around for a while, unread. I had young children at the time so it wasn’t a priority. I took this book with me on our summer holiday to Northern Spain – a beautiful cottage on the North Eastern coast of ‘Green Spain’ as they call it. A magical place. I started to read the book, by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer, and what it said really resonated with me. I had always believed I had some sort of support beyond the earth plane so the idea of a spirit guide really wasn’t too far-fetched. In fact, it all made sense to me. The book contained meditations to link up with your spirit guide so I gave this a go one evening sitting in the peaceful garden of the cottage. What I experienced was a revelation. I felt the presence of my guide. 

When I returned to England, family life took over again but it wasn’t long before I saw another ad, this time for The School of the Living Light, run by Lita de Alberdi and her husband Marco. Lita mentioned Sanaya and Duane as she had worked with them. Another serendipitous ‘chance’. It was advertising an ‘Opening to Channel Course’ – the one I now teach. I booked and went to the School, full of doubts and excitement. Would I be able to channel? Was it all imagination??

….next instalment to follow!


New Website – Time to Blog

9th March 2021

So, here I am, an absolute beginner when it comes to blogging but I don’t often have a problem chatting so here goes and thanks for reading…
I am absolutely delighted with my new website, which has been designed by my neighbour Caron Chung of BizBuzzBox. The background is a spirit guide portrait I commissioned a year or so ago and I love the colours. The blue images on the courses page come from a painting I commissioned from a friend, so the whole website holds some energies close to my heart. 
This website replaces an old one I had that was produced by another friend on Google sites, in return for a channelling session. I needed a website at the time and he offered. It was a perfect example of an exchange of energy at a time when we both needed something the other could offer. That first website drew in many clients so I am very grateful to him for setting me off on my path. However, Google sites has recently become too ‘clunky’ and it was time for something fresh and new. 
Now the new website is up and running, my first task will be to ‘set the energies’ (it’s all about energy!) to enable it to draw in those whom I can help. Working on a high energetic level is always far more productive and efficient than working on a lower, personality level. You can achieve so much more. 
I am really looking forward to moving my spiritual business forward. New website, new era!
Spirituelle - Eleanor